Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tales of Voter Targeting

Just our own experience:

This is the first election for us in our current home in Northern Virginia. For weeks, we’ve received e-mail from the DCCC and the campaign of Democrat Gerry Connolly (running to replace GOP Rep. Tom Davis), even though we actually live in Jim Moran’s district (not exactly happy about that, but oh well). The Connolly support mail was nearly all about how “extreme” his Republican opponent was on abortion. Seems like the wrong kind of mail to direct to a home with a McCain-Palin yard sign, housing two attendees of McLean Bible Church, donors to Mike Huckabee, and subscribers to Christianity Today. But whatever, I mean people can make mistakes, right?

So I check the home voicemail today from work after we’ve voted. There’s a robo call from McCain-Palin, reminding us that Obama will sign the Freedom of Choice Act.

So who has the better ground game, again?