Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Returning to blog world out of frustration....

If conservatives ever want to win the politics of health care, they might want to start by actually trying to persuade some people. But most of the time it seems like we would rather yell at them, like some disturbed man in the park. That's what I thought of when I saw the ad in this Politico story.

Why did they call themselves "Conservatives for Patients Rights?" Do they think people who don't think about their own political ideology will be won over by that? And then half the ad is some guy in a suit and tie telling us what he thinks? Where's a doctor? Where's a woman trying to figure out what's best for treating her children?

Small business owners and working families everywhere have had to grapple with ever-increasing health care costs and an inefficient system, and all conservatives have to point to so far is some ego-driven ad filled with sophomoric talking points.

No wonder the "'free' health care for everyone" crowd is winning. It's clear that the liberals love this, as now they will attempt to pain any substantive argument against their plans as the rantings of an out-of-touch minority. SIGH. What a waste.

It sure is an annoying world when I'm forced to agree with Ezra Klein. But he's right. If I'm on the left, I sure like these enemies. Not only do they not try to win, they seem to help the other side.