Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Are Conservatives AWOL on Health Care?

The discussion Jim Geraghty has with his readers unfortunately points out a key problem: thoughtful, pragmatic conservatives are often AWOL in the health care debates -- -- except to say, "Let's have the free market work!" All fine, but how about a little more time and attention from thoughtful writers and academics (Joe Antos at AEI, Robert Moffitt at Heritage and AEI have a couple of top-notch folks) in the magazine itself? Ramesh Ponnuru writes about health care from time to time, or posts something in NRO's The Corner , but for the most part, National Review and other conservative havens care about other topics. Meanwhile, health care is 16 percent of our economy and liberals occupy most of the public conversation. It would be better if conservatives joined in more frequently.

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