Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Huckabee's "vertical" thinking

Apparently the anti-evangelical crowd is today in a tither about Mike Huckabee's call for "vertical" instead of left-vs-right politics. The Huffington Post has an interesting piece about the word's roots in Christian music. Actually I think it's a pretty fair piece. Others have more prejudiced ideas, like this guy, and of course Daily Kos gets into the act as well.

Well, I never.


I attend McLean Bible Church. I like some Christian rock bands. And I promise, someone forgot to give me the memo. They didn't give it to She Who Sighs either, even though she's the grandaughter of a conservative Protestant pastor and a regular visitor to a Christian summer camp since she was born.

We both thought the governor was talking about lifting people up, inspiring them, instead of dividing people into opposite camps. Would it be wrong if that's what he means? I thought that's what Sen. Obama is trying to do as well -- and I like it from him, honestly. So why the double standard?



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