Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lost inside a masquerade

Rules are rules, Michael Hiltzik. When I dealt with him a little at Medicare, he seemed to me smart but way too angry for columnist not named Molly Ivins.

Bush-league move

Sorry, Reggie, for the pun on your name. But the Houston Texans just committed a huge blunder by not picking Reggie Bush first. It's no surprise that this team is still an "expansion" team four years after joining the league. I love Len Pasquarelli's analysis that it would be better for the Texans if Mr. Magoo were making the draft decisions.

Friday, April 28, 2006

How about changing to ESPN?

Sometimes it's really difficult to take the White House press corps seriously. Maybe if they wanted to watch ESPN, I'd be more sympathetic.

(Hat tip: Drudge)

Full disclosure: I once worked for the government. I never heard of a Bush Administration TV policy (Is Vandehei really serious, as he says?) . I did, however, often watch FOX News. Though I also would change to CNN. Jim needs to get a life.

Tony Snow

Just a month after Gov. Beasley lost his re-election bid, I was in New Orleans for the Republican Governors Association annual meeting. At a party, I met Tony, and based on his experience of working for President George H.W. Bush, I asked him, "Do you ever really get over losing?" He looked me straight in the eye -- or, since he's several inches taller than me, looked down into my eye -- and said, "No, you really don't. It'll be OK, but you never do get over it."

Tony didn't tell me what I wanted to hear. He told me the truth, as he saw it. He also took a few minutes of time with someone he didn't know.

The President's success or failure rests really on the President's shoulders, not on the person who is the press secretary. But in as much as the press secretary can help, the President made a good selection. And more importantly, he picked a good human being. In my book, that counts for something.

Friday, April 14, 2006

A special tribute

The blessing of being a sports fan is that you can build special fun memories with your parents and your children. I've seen fewer tributes more touching than this one, written by the fellow who hosts

Monday, April 03, 2006

Are the 1970s back in fashion?

USC starts appearing in national championship bowl games, and now UCLA is back in the NCAA championship game. It's the 70s, once again! Only I'm not going to wear that crushed burgundy velvet tux again.