Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A new hero

My newest hero is an English teacher named Mike Greiner, profiled recently in The Washington Post. It made me think of my old high school teacher, Carmen Farmer, and a former boss, Doug Fisher, two people who taught me to care about proper usage and common-sense writing. It's surprising to me how many people in the business world lack the simple basics of writing and grammar. I hope the Eye Roller gets a teacher like Mike.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Attack on Sunday?

Not to make too much fun of the now-disputed potential Al Queda attack on NFL stadiums that appears to not be happening.... but hasn't it been a while since Oakland has seen any offensive firepower?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What Packers are reading?

She Who Sighs points out the latest fun Green Bay Packer story, a book from a Secretary of State candidate who was once a Packer groupie in the grand and glorious early 1960s. The best quote is the end:

"Many of my football player friends tell me they have not read a book in years," she wrote. "If they want to know what I've written about them, they will have to read the book. Consider this book my personal contribution to the literacy of some of the former Green Bay Packers!"
Another literary giant is discovered.

Andrew Sullivan's words vs. actions

Andrew Sullivan speaks before Cato. As Andrew would put it, here's the first money quote: "the further away you are from these particular interactions on the ground, the more likely you are to get it wrong."

He was speaking about a conservative belief in free markets. I just wish he'd apply that thought to his own views on evangelical Christians, or "Christianists" as he calls them in his lovely not-so-subtle-but-of-course-I-don't-really-mean-suicide-bombers comparison with fundamental Islamists.

Real Southern pride

Defying stereotypes about the South, a celebration worth having.