Saturday, February 18, 2006

It's Never Too Early To Market

Matt Leinart, the greatest quarterback in college football history, has yet to be drafted but he's already got a website. I'm pretty sure my young Eye Roller will be getting on the mailing list.

Leinart has yet to prove himself in the pros. But the record in college is unprecedented. In three years as the USC QB, he won two national AP titles (and one BCS title) and a Heisman. His teams finished 1, 1, and 2 in the AP polls. At quarterback, he had just two losses -- one of those was the national championship.

It has been a magical four years for the Trojans, from Carson Palmer's Heisman year to the past year, even with the heartbreaking loss to Texas. Much of the credit for the thrills during those years goes to #11. Thanks, Matt.


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