Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Beasley endorsement, take two

The Chaser gets it mostly wrong on the Beasley endorsement timing. I left a comment there, but essentially to paraphrase:

The Beasley endorsement actually became news the morning of the convention, in The State, and thus the Huckabee team did have its own story. Given that Gov. Beasley hasn't held elective office in more than eight years, and that he lost his last political campaign, it's hard for me to see how this would have made more news than it did. The Romney-McCain (with Sen. Graham as the surrogate) fight was going to be the subject regardless.

Huckabee had a good week last week, and he capped it off with an endorsement from a former governor. It's not enough -- not even close -- to get him the nomination. But of the dark horses, he's clearly the one doing the best.

It is, however, a long way from that to being in the top tier. Huckabee will have to raise more money and do well in the Iowa straw poll to be more competitive.

As I said earlier, I serve in NO capacity for any campaign.

UPDATE: I note that The Politico says the aforementioned website has ties to the Romney campaign. That doesn't mean that those ties motivated the comment, but I'll leave it to readers to judge themselves. I obviously have ties to Beasley, as disclosed.



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