Thursday, January 31, 2008

A vote for Huckabee is a vote for Huckabee

Mark Krikorian suggests my vote in the Feb. 12 Virginia primary is a vote for John McCain, even if I'm actually marking the box next to Mike Huckabee's name.

I understand Mark's animus toward Sen. McCain, but I retain my right to vote for who I'd like to see as the party's nominee, even if Huckabee's chances have dropped significantly since the South Carolina primary. I am not personally responsible for Sen. McCain getting the nomination, just as my friends in South Carolina who voted for Fred Thompson are not personally responsible for preventing Huckabee from winning that primary. (A side note -- if Huckabee had won, Mitt Romney would be in a much stronger position right now.)

Sen. McCain is the front-runner and if nothing upsets the apple cart, he seems likely to win the nomination. And if you don't like Sen. McCain, blame your guy, whoever it is, for not beating him.



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