Thursday, March 27, 2008

Isn't This Treason?

Two members of Congress took a trip to the Middle East right before the start of the Iraq War. Many thought then that Reps. Jim McDermott and David Bonior looked like they were too close to cozying up to Saddam Hussein. Now the feds say the trip was financed by Hussein's own intelligence unit, through a Michigan "charity."

McDermott and Bonior say they didn't know how the "charity" got its money. That could be true. But aren't they at least a little bit embarrassed? From the Post story, it doesn't appear so.

It's worth noting that not too many generations ago, the director of the "charity" would at least having to worry about the potential for his head being put inside a hangman's noose.

(HT of sorts: Marshall Manson)



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