Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's tough for the AP AND its members

I wonder whether AP members (newspapers, broadcasters and the like) and the AP brass communicate very well with each other these days. This Editor & Publisher article suggests they don't.

Doug Fisher, whose blog I would want to read even if he weren't a former boss, wonders whether more of this is coming. (A feed from Doug's blog is how I found out about this story)

Probably. Putting myself in the shoes I used to fill, as a reporter covering state government and politics, I have to wonder whether I would see what I saw more than a decade ago: a decreasing interest among member papers in anything original that I wrote, and more interest in me doing the "filler" work (basic reports on committee meetings and process-oriented stories that would be cut down to briefs) so their few reporters could provide their readers local and/or original copy.

It was fun being an AP reporter. I still miss it from time to time. But I bet right now I would be really concerned that what I loved to write about was not loved nor wanted by any of the papers who could take my copy.



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