Saturday, March 04, 2006

People Who Fade Don't Get Ovations

California is tough on its governors -- even ones who don't get recalled. It's a turbulent state with little patience for the back-and-forth of politics. Pete Wilson served two terms, but his popularity waxed and waned. So it seems natural that Gov. Schwarzenegger would have his ups and downs.

It is odd to see these two headlines on the same day in a Google search:

Schwarzenegger receives enthusiastic welcome at Ohio sports even

Schwarzenegger fading as national GOP star

It's not Gov. Schwarzenegger's job to be a celebrity now. He can't avoid it, of course, but his job is to be governor. He should view it as a good thing that a pack of reporters aren't trailing him at national GOP gatherings -- gatherings which don't do him a whole lot of good in California


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