Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Media, Journalism School

Ted Leonsis's blog, "Ted's Take," rambles on about a variety of the AOL and sports magnate's passions: media, the Washington Capitals, films. I think he's one of the most engaging sports owners around, and I wouldn't trade him for eight Mark Cubans (though I might take the Cubans instead of the Jagr debacle). Anyway, Leonsis may be right to point out that the lack of interest among young people in newspapers is a sign of the newspaper industry's pending demise, but he shouldn't have selected his alma mater as a place to illustrate it. Georgetown has no journalism school and few journalism offerings. A great university it is, but if you are a high school student with a passion for journalism, Georgetown is probably not your place. Instead, look here, or ring up my old boss and friend Doug Fisher, who is helping students at the "other" USC become the new media leaders of tomorrow.

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