Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A poignant turn for a song

Scott Johnson at Powerline discusses a review of a biography of songwriter Doc Pomus, author of several Elvis Presley hits including "Little Sister," and "His Latest Flame (Marie's the Name)." The most touching part of Johnson's post is his quote of Alan Light's NYT review. I'll just repost here:

  • His crowning achievement was the Drifters' sublime, "Save the Last Dance for Me." In a story straight out of Hollywood, Pomus actually wrote the lyrics on the back of an invitation to his own wedding, remembering how it felt to watch his bride dance with his brother, knowing that he himself was unable to navigate a dance floor. Under his pen, Halberstadt writes, the simple declaration of love he set out to write wavered, giving way to vulnerability and fear.

I don't think I can hear that song in the same way again.



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