Monday, June 18, 2007

Herald-Examiner to be demolished

Kevin Roderick highlights reports that the old Herald-Examiner building in downtown Los Angeles is going to be demolished. It's been nearly two decades since the paper closed, but what a shame. I worked there as an intern in the fall of 1984. The newsroom was straight out of "Front Page," clacking typewriters and all. It was dingy and romantic at the same time. Earlier reports had the site slated for condos, which would have at least preserved the building's exterior. Kevin's post includes a nice photo of the building.

UPDATE -- Doug Fisher -- always a better editor than I was -- notes in the comment that the building that houses the newsroom apparently will survive. I re-read Kevin's caption and the story, and Doug appears to be correct. I think the word "demo" caught my eye, and running the picture made me think that it was the main building that was coming down. I recall there was some move to make it a landmark, which would probably prohibit its destruction.



Blogger Doug Fisher said...

Looking at Kevin's photo caption, it sounds like only the press area is coming down and the office area, a landmark, is staying. That would be good.

6:10 PM  

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