Sunday, September 14, 2008

Classy folks...

There are certainly some reasonable explorations of Gov. Palin and her qualifications. And then there's this guy from Ohio. The classiest part of his plan of attack: The message is simple and the professionals can refine it but essentially it should contain these elements:

"Sarah Palin? Can't keep her solemn oath of devotion to her husband and had sex with his employee. Sarah Palin? Accidentally got pregnant at age 43 and the tax payers of Alaska have to pay for the care of her disabled child. Sarah Palin? Unable to teach her 16 year old daughter right from wrong and now another teenager is pregnant. Sarah Palin? Can you trust Sarah Palin and her values with America's future? John McCain? Divorced from his first wife one month and marries a billionaire influence peddler and convicted felon. John McCain, a record of rash and impulsive decisions. That’s not change that’s more of the same.”

Wow. And this guy has actually been a Democratic nominee for Congress.

(HT: Weekly Standard).



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